Milk baths & cake smash sessions

Cake Smash


Cake smash sessions are full smiles, tears, mess and a whole lot of giggles! These sessions are a great way to celebrate any birthday, keeping the memory alive forever. I recommend booking your baby’s cake smash session between the age of 11 to 12 months old.

I have a large collection of beautifully sourced props and backdrops you can select from, to create the perfect set-up for baby.

I supply the cakes for the smash session you can choose your colour and any dietary requirements when making your booking. I have a wide range of cute outfits you can choose from too. I also supply a little bath scene at the end of the smash session so you can take a nice clean baby home.

Milk Bath 

Milk bath sessions are perfect for babies that have just learn to sit up by themselves. 

celebrate this achievement with a fun bath session! I supply everything you need for the session all you need to do is select your theme. 


mix seasonal berries 



coco pops 



You can add a milk bath to a cake smash session too. These combos are heaps of fun! 

Glitter & Paint Slat 

Glitter and paint splat sessions are fun for all ages. Glitter sessions are done outdoors with or without props. I have lots of stunning props that can be set up on the day. Glitter sessions are also gorgeous at sunset too. I do paint smash sessions in the studio or outdoors. I supply everything for both these sessions.