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My name is Belinda. I have been passionate about photography ever since I can remember. I brought my first camera when I was 14 years old, and from that day on, I've seen everything in life through a lens. I'm blessed to have three amazing children. They have all been happy little models over the years, well most of the time!
I started as a manager and photographer in a portrait studio back in 2005. I was there for seven years, and I captured many families all over Melbourne. I learnt so much working there. After having my last baby, I started Bellyboo photography in 2012. I have enjoyed every moment!  When you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work. I get excited about learning new technics and styles. I have a burning desire to learn more and more about photography and newborns. I have been referred to as the baby whisper in nearly all of my sessions. I have years of experience with newborns, and I am proudly trained in safety and posing of newborns. In my sessions, I respect the needs of newborns and make their comfort and safety my number one priority. I pride myself on giving the best experience to all of my clients. I would love to hear about your unique style and start planning your session with you.