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Newborn & Family Sessions




Whether you have a baby or about to have a baby, there are many exciting times ahead for you! Feeling real unconditional love while holding your baby in your arms is nothing you could ever imagine. It's truly a moment in time that needs to be captured and forever remembered. 

There are a few things you want to keep alive in life, memories of your wedding day and your newborn baby. Every time you look at the images of your baby's tiny toes and fingers, you will get that warm fuzzy feeling all over again! I would love to capture this time for you. 

When should you book a newborn photography session?

As soon as you've decided I'm the right photographer for you! I recommend booking or contacting me before your baby arrives to ensure I have the date and time available for you. Newborn babies are ideally best captured between 5 and 14 days old while your baby is still so tiny and sleepy. You'll be amazed at how strong and how fast your new baby will grow in the first few weeks. I can undoubtedly photograph older babies, but given their strength and alertness, this will change the style of image and props used for the session. 

Family and Siblings


Family photos with your newborn are a must. It's such a precious time for the whole family, and those moments are truly cherished. 

Safety and experience 

I have 14 years of experience in photography. I'm certified in baby safety & posing. Your baby's needs are my number one priority. You can rest assure that you and your family are in safe hands. 

I'm very proud to say I'm an award-winning photographer specialising in newborn and family photography.

My Studio

My beachside studio is located in Seaford, beaming with beautiful natural light, and the studio is nice and warm to ensure your baby is comfortable. My studio is child and pet friendly. I clean, sanitise and wash all the props after each session for the safety of your precious baby.  

Location sessions

I offer newborn location photography sessions, too, if you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home. There is an additional cost involved of $120. I bring a range of props, outfits and wraps with me. I will contact you beforehand to find out the style and colours you would like for your session. 


I have a stunning collection of props; you'll be spoilt for choice! All of my outfits, fabrics and props, are made with all-natural fibres that are gentle for your baby's delicate skin. I would love to know more about your unique style and how I can make this special time in your life lasting memory. 

Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates are available at any price value. Please contact me to find out more.

For further information

On how I run my sessions, check out my blog in the link below.

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Location & Contact Details

Tel: 0430320253


located Frankston South VIC, Australia

Cancellation Policy: For reschedules, please contact me within 72 hours or for cancellations 2 weeks beforehand of your session date to avoid cancellation fees

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