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What actually happens during a newborn session?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Whether you’re thinking about booking a newborn session or already have a date on the books, I'm sure you’re a bit curious about what, exactly, goes on during a newborn session. How do you get those peaceful-looking images? How involved are the parents in the shoot itself? Is it possible to “pose” an infant? Below I’m pulling back the curtain about what actually happens during a newborn photography session.

How long does a newborn session take

Newborn sessions can last between sometimes longer if the baby is a light sleeper, very alert or hungry! I always allow time for extra cuddles and feeds.

The Heat is Turned Up

I to set the temperature to 26 degrees during a newborn session this helps the baby feel warm, comfortable, and most importantly, sleepy as newborns are nude for the most of the session.I do advise parents to bring along a comfortable teeshirt even if the weather is miserable outside.

I'll Take Care of All the Poses.

You don’t have to come up with poses or image ideas. I have got all that covered and know exactly how to set up an image to get great shots. I will also take care of all the prop setup and wrapping.

Mum & Dad Help Spot Baby

Though I do most of the work, I will need parents’ help during some shoots to hold the baby in a safe position while capturing the baby on their tummy.

You can read more about spotting here

Safety is Always Our First Priority

No matter what, I place your child’s safety above all else. No newborns is ever forced into a position they're not comfortable in or put at risk. If we need to take a break, we will. If a pose isn’t working, there’s always another one to try.

I Have Tricks for Helping Baby Calm Down

I have done quite a few newborn sessions in my days, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help calm fussy babies. However, in the case of a distraught baby, I am more than happy to reschedule.

Sibling Photos Are Done First

I know that having your kids at the shoot for the entire session may be a bit much for them. For that reason, I suggest having sibling poses done at the beginning of the session. That way, they don’t have to say the whole session. I have a lovely location next to the beach, and Kananook Creek siblings will love it! You are welcome to bring along toys or a device that will help entertain them too.

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